Custom Jewerly Frequently Asked Questions

Important things to note for a custom order:

  • Contact us via Email or the Order Form provided for the selection of materials and design.

  • Details of message should be clear and easy to understand.

  • The follow up message will included material recommendations complementing the flow of  energy force that surrounds it's wearer, based on the personal information provided by you. While in the process do use this chance to understand more about the factors influencing destiny & fate, our crafters are here to attend to your questions regarding the living destiny of feng shui, other explanations on these theories and also share interests such as tips on transformation of luck, energy flow, life force, astrology, the 5 elements, zodiac signs. 

  • To ensure a delightful overall customisation experience, please don't refrain from voicing out concerns, preferences this is to your allow our crafters to get to know you better. 

  • Allow 3-5 working days for us to get back to you.

  • Our crafters will either respond via mobile number given or email depending on convenience.

  • Payment will have to be made before we start any crafts. ( For custom made products: Our crafters will advise you on payment method, usually it would be via bank account transfer )

  • Come to an agreement on the materials decided and incorporate its design with your crafter.

  • Crafting will take 10 days from the day which both of you decides on a final design and when payment is made. 

Etiquette regarding customization orders:

  • You are not allowed to provide us with photos of an existing  jewelry design from our previous collection or from other merchants and request for our crafters to imitate its exact design. 

  • You are allowed to make slight design references of other pieces as to aide our crafters in understanding your preference. Pictures can be attached to an email message and sent together with or separately from the Order Contact Form. 

  • For those that intend on abusing this service by constantly asking for palm readings, life predictions on your future, etc. You will be banned from our site.

  • We do not entertain bargaining, prices will be calculated by our crafters.

  • Please be polite & do not rush us.

  • Prices vary based on the types of materials chosen as well as size in relation to quantity of materials. For example Crystal X might cost more than Crystal Y.

The process of customization are as follows: 

  • In deciding which gem stones and crystal combination are best suited for our customers we cross reference their personal particulars against the basis of the 5 Elements, Feng Shui and Zodiac Astrology. Based on the information we will harmonise both sides to achieve a balanced result.

  • This process is also to find out more about ourselves therefore feel free to enquire, we will try our best to attend to your concerns regarding energy flow & life force surrounding us. Pardon us if we aren't able to answer all your questions.

  • To ensure upmost customer satisfaction, our crafters will  attend to you in an 1:1 session to evaluate your likes & dislikes.

  • If the end product does not match up to your expectations, do voice your distaste to us and we will make amendments in accordance. 

  • Customer satisfaction is of upmost importance to us.

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