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Frequently Asked Questions & Product After-Care


Things to do

  1. How to cleanse accessory also known as recharging product frequency of energy flow: 7 coloured crystals will be given in addition to the item purchased. (A) Place these crystals in a container together with your item. (B) Fill it up with *Mineral water making sure all the gem stones are submerged. (C) Allow it to sit for 30 minutes before drying.

  2. Cleanse frequency: Once in two months or whenever a recharge is needed. 

  3. Handle item with care


Things not to do

  1. Do not wear it to shower/swimming pool

  2. Avoid stubborn stains from perfume/alcohol/body lotion etc

  3. Do not smash(physically abuse) item

  4. Do not stretch the product apart


Quality Assured

  1. If item turns out damaged upon receiving or broken (String of accessory snapped) within 14 days of usage an exact item will be compensated

  2. It is an normal occurrence for these natural stones to go through a colour change as it reacts with factors in our surroundings. However, some of these gem stones retain it's original colour throughout its lifetime.

  3. If the end product of the custom made piece is not up to the customer's expectations, he can choose to send it back to our crafters for amendments. 


Satisfaction Guaranteed

  1. No refunds strictly 

  2. We ship both local & overseas via registered postage only

  3. You can opt for courier delivery at an additional cost

  4. Once posted we will send you a delivery notification however delivery duration is based on postage company.

  5. All returns are to be mailed to address provided

  6. Return of orders: Contact us via email, attach a photo of the damage together with a description, returns are to be approved before postage

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