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Order Form Template

Contents of Email/Message should include:

-Email address 

-Full name (as shown in NRIC)   

-Date of birth 

-Exact time of when you were born    

-Type of accessory: Bracelet, anklet, necklace, earrings etc.  

-Photo attachments for design reference (*if the attachments are left out of the first order message sent, attach them in a separate email including your full name, mobile number & address so that we are able to trace back to your original message)

-Design preferences (Colour, Size of materials, length of accessory,etc )

-Special requests like double twirl necklace ( 2 necklaces combined together) must be stated -Estimated dimensions for fitting size (Length & width)  

-Mobile Number 

-Delivery Address       

-Payment method (Bank Transfer, Paypal, Etc.) 

*All information provided will be kept confidential

*Please include all information stated in the order form template

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